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I’d like to be the man I never was…

I’d like to be the man I never was…

The Frustration You won’t admit…Goal Setting, Dream boards, Life Planning, New Year’s resolution, ring a bell?

Yearly, goals of yours has to be written, visualized, revised then assessed, yet it always end up in a drawer never to be seen again ’til the next New Year’s event where the process repeats itself.

How many more Starbucks coffee you have to drink to get the latest and ever awaited Journal to write your goals at? Or maybe go to the book store, buy some professional looking, leather covered notebook that cost you a week’s meal just to ink the first few pages with your “Goals for 20XX”? Does it frustrate you? Do you get tired beating yourself up when you get side tracked?

Good news, the so-called experts are coming up with cases and blaming a different entity – they call it “stress”, “disorder”, even to a point of going to “genetics” just to blame anything when all the while you know it’s YOU!

So, why do you do all this? Why do you dream, plan, set goals? The answer here is simple, You’d like to be the man or woman you never was!

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