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Sad truth about Potential…

A common scenario…Potential overshadows Performance.

I was in awe during an interview on how much people bet on potential. Are we gamblers?

When we assess people, we really can’t remove how forward thinkers we are and mark potential as a factor. Are we fortune tellers?

And sadly, we bet on potential when we’re not liable with the results. Need proof? Check this out…

It was late in the afternoon already, before going home, you wanted to take some food home to your family. You wanted something different, something unusual, so you go online and start searching the nearest restaurants. You read reviews.

You’re getting a promotion and you wanted to buy this car, days before you read the reviews from different sites.

See how when you have sometime on the line, you make sure by doing your due diligence by looking at ratings, reading reviews and making sure you’re making the right choice?

You made sure by looking at performance, not potential. Just look at decisions you made, you experienced, that you were part of where you chose Potential and was it really worth it?

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