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There are no shortcuts…

Oh that sweet, sweet encouraging success phrase “…get rich quick”, “…earn in minutes”, “…learn in a day”, “…be an expert in seconds”, “…shortcut to success” which is so delightful in the eyes of many.

Recently, I asked one of my favorite copywriter about the value of starting from the basics. After just one line of his answer, my vision widen, understood that there is much value in starting from the basics that one can imagine.

In your situation today, in your work, passion, technology you are in, Facebook page, age, race, gender, it seems everything is moving so fast that you have to run in order to stand still. Everything is changing, and if your can’t cope up, you get left behind.

With that thinking, you’d try to find shortcuts, the quickest path, yes I do agree that in some circumstances you’d be better off this route but in a profession you truly like to pursue, learning the basics is an essential.

From the basics, the foundation, sprung this change that we see. It started enhancements, upgrades, better releases but that will never happen if they didn’t start with the basics. In fact, the basics expands your horizon, your outlook, your vision and shortcuts…they leave you somewhere you’re not familiar with.

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