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My Physical Challenge for 90 days

90 day challenge

Before I even get into details of the challenge I set myself to accomplish in 90 days, let me just tell you something about how this is so dear to me.

Ever since I was a kid, Health was always a challenge to me. A hospital is a summer camp for me, yearly I never missed being admitted or confined. It came to a point that the scent of the hallways (that industrial chemical germ free cleaning scent you smell),  became my medicine. I get cured by simply walking around the hospital ground.

Ok, so here’s my current health status, I know some people have worse but this is mine, my journey and hopefully some of the things here would help you with new insights. I’ll be posting updates on a weekly basis so you get the front row seat in my challenge. I also hope this inspires you to act…now!

Currently, I suffer headaches mostly after waking up, I know it’s because of my neck due to the lack of curvature (almost straight) spine in the neck area. To illustrate please see below images.

Now, into more of the details, as for my weight, I am 145 lbs and about 15 lbs overweight. I’m use to weighing 120 lbs – 130 lbs so an extra 15 lbs I walk around with, it’s new to me. With overweight comes different dis-ease (dis-ease, a body not at ease), just look at my blood chem results below where CHOLESTEROL and LDL are above normal range. So this answers some of my headache and dizziness feeling (BP ave. – 147/90).

Do you just get the feeling that even if you’re working out (yoga, running, going to the gym and lifting weights) you just feel like you’re still getting weaker inside? That’s how I felt previously, instead of feeling awesome (due to the release of endorphin), I often get aches and pains from my joints, knee, back, my hands…I just think and feel something more is missing. That’s when I decided to take a look at my health in more detail. If you want to know what is happening with you then we need to go to the source – CELLS.

What then can we take to see such detail? That’s where Live Blood Analysis comes in (LBA). What happens is, the doctor gets little amount of your blood and then puts it under a microscope that magnifies it more than 10,000X I believe. You’ll get to see how your blood looks like, your Red and White blood cells, your blood’s background, the shape of your cells and how they move around. In some sense, that’s actually you…in detail!

 I’ve recorded my results, it’s not pretty, to show you a comparison here’s a how your blood should normally look like (see image at the right). See how clear the red blood cells are? How they are round and pumped and has a clear background?

“You can only be as healthy as your cells!”

Below shows my results, and I wasn’t surprised.

See how messy it was? Red Blood cells not even rounded, cluttered and slow moving, you can see some cholesterol crystals, in summary, it’s a chaos inside of me and that’s how I felt. This is why I set my 90 day challenge for my health, if I wanted to pursue the other pillars, I have to take care of this first. I have to take care of the only body I will have in my lifetime.

Right now, if you’re in the same boat as I am, I hope my next posts (my 90 day plan) and updates would assist you. I hope and pray that you find some inspiration, knowledge, tip and tricks in the methods, system and activities that I will be going through this 90 day health journey. Take in everything you’ll learn and then decide what makes sense to you and then try it. I’m no health guru or professional, these are just what I know will work for me and I am hoping it will too, with you.

Adios for now and let’s keep moving forward!

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