Health Goal Weapons…it’s like Healing-On-Steroids

Your mind is the greatest tool to heal your body, but adding these “Health Weapons” is like healing-on-steroids.

With a goal comes a plan…

A well-researched, battle tested, practical and measurable plan.

That’s my aim when I started my 90 day challenge. I’ve done and tried different health routines, diet plans, supplements, pharma and non-pharma medications, natural and synthetic, basically I tried and experimented a lot before because of my dream that someday – I can have a dis-ease free body.

What I’m going to share is something that I know works, well, for me though but hey, we’re both human so I’m quite sure that it would work with you too.

In my previous post, I told you about my Live Blood Analysis results which is chaotic. Well, that’s what I’d like to focus on. Once the source is cured, then everything follows. One problem that the results showed me is, being ACIDIC, yep, I’m actually acidic, oh…did I mention I have GERD, Hyperacidity and HEARTBURN? I previously bought a PH strip to monitor how acidic I get after a good night sleep and I’m way on the red side (about 6.0-6.5 in the scale). If you want to measure your acidity level you do it after waking up, measure it either by your saliva or urine using the strips. So, I’d like to focus on my acidity level. More on acidity in my next posts.

I talked about weapons, and I believe these are great for starters.

In the past years, I created an easier way to remember what to do whenever I get side tracked and wanted to get back on my health journey. I created what I call “OWNSELF” which actually means, Oxygen, Water, Nutrients, Structure, Exercise, Leverage and Food. This was actually inspired by two of the greatest person in their field, Mr. Tony Robbins when interviewing Dr. Robert Young. What they talked about really made sense and resonated with me.

In the interview, Dr. Young spoke about going back to basics, he said…

“The body cannot survive without oxygen in minutes, water for days and food for weeks.” So I think it’s just right that we follow the ordering. In my next posts, I’ll through each of weapons I use and go through the order of “OWNSELF” for a much detailed explanation on how to use each.

For now, I’m just glad I was able to share what I have, what I’ve researched, tried and tested.


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