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My Health Challenge Week One Results…

Almost a week ago, I posted some of the weapons I use in a daily basis to start off my journey to a dis-ease free body. I also promised to keep the journey updated, post progress and provide the actions I took to face my health challenges head on.

First of all, I’d like to post my first week results and then give a background of what I did to arrive on those results. Here’s my 1st week…

So far, my BP results are getting back to normal. When I started, my BP was above 150/90 everyday even after waking up. My head hurts, dizziness was with me all day, I wanted to sleep but waking up with headache seems worse. Now a days, my BP is around 130/80, now that’s not the normal yet but the week’s progress…its a win for me! No more dizziness and headaches!

How? You ask me.

Following my  “O.W.N.S.E.L.F.” strategy, Oxygen was the very fist on the list. Using my Oxycan, I do deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises before and after waking up. Deep Diaphragmatic breathing is when you inhale through your diaphragm, you’ll know you’re doing it correctly when your stomach expands. Your shoulders should not be going up or else you’re breathing too shallow and uses only the top part of your lungs. Remember, most of the blood is at the bottom of your lungs, you need to use your lungs full capacity to deliver oxygen to the blood.

In addition, the benefit of deep diaphragmatic breathing is it’s one of the ways to move your lymphatic system (drainage system) of your body. It removes all the wastes and pushes it out of the lymphatic system, you’re kind of helping your body flush it out.

And of course, Oxygen is your cell’s primary food. With out it, cell dies, with it cells becomes healthy. Remember the LBA results I have?

Next is getting Water involved. This one is no problem for me, as I consume about 3-5 liters of water everyday. Water they say, is one of the most under rated source of health. Almost 80% of the world is composed of water, our body is also almost 80% water so it’s just common sense that we need to take in as much water as needed by our body. Now, there are different types of water and as of now you’re already familiar with Alkaline Water, its everywhere. I highly recommend drinking as much alkaline water as you can to help combat acidity. Now acidity…that’s another topic I’d like to discuss as we have lots to talk about it.

For now, let’s keep it as simple as. “acidity” = “not good”.

More weapons I used this week, Wheat Grass and Organic Greens which I normally drink before and after waking up and in the middle of the day. So that would be 3x a day for me. My reason for doing this? It’s make my body alkaline. Combat acidity in my blood,  which often causes more cholesterol in my blood which shows high in my blood test. Again, I mentioned “acidity”.  At first, if you try out Wheat Grass or any Organic Green drinks, it will taste weird but sooner or later, you’ll get used to it and you start liking it.

Lastly, I added a diet of lots of alkaline food, like green salads. I make sure that I get at least 80% of my plate alkaline. For the same reason…acidity reduction.

So, there you go, my first week progress report. Improvements so far. My plans for next week is staying consistent with what I am currently doing and adding more, like supplements and exercise. I’ll be providing another progress report next week, but stay tune for my next post which is about “ACIDITY” and how it impacts our body.

See yah for now and keep moving forward!

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