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When Everything Suddenly Turns Blank…

Does it ever happen to you…

When all of the sudden you just stare at your computer screen, couldn’t type anything, well, you did and then you deleted what you wrote and now you’re back with a blank screen? 

Doing an important project maybe and then later found yourself watching a rerun of a tv series long over while munching through a pizza leftover?

Or maybe, planning that presentation that you have tomorrow, and then finding yourself playing that online game for hours?

Well, the thing is, you know you should be doing right now…

In fact, you know you got to do it because it’s for your future yet, it seems just okay not to do it.

And then you feel the guilt inside…

It starts to eat you, and what do you do then? Well, with that guilt inside, you start to watch more of the series, start eating more, start playing online games more, start doing something other than what you should be doing.

You’re on a downward spiral! Look out…a new habit has been formed!

Is it lack of inspiration? Overwhelmed?


In a forum and online community I joined, there is one solution to such a thing that the successful (they made it, big time!) people always tell those who ask for help…”You destroy your habit!”

You sell that PS4, you unsubscribe from Netflix, uninstall that online game, you deactivate that social media of yours!

Ouch! Just by thinking about it makes you freeze! Gives you goosebumps and cold sweats!

It’s kinda extreme I know…but, you know what? These suggestions are from successful people, from those who did it, from those who get what you’re going through ‘coz they’ve been there and they know what they’re talking about.

You ask, “…is there another less drastic way?”

Hmm…I remember this one story about someone who wanted to stop his smoking habit. He did everything to stop smoking, he went to a psychologist, a hypnotist, quit-smoking group support. Yes, he was able to stop it, for a while though.

Whenever, he get’s stressed out, he would drive blocks from his house to get a pack and then smoke one stick and then throw the rest…and this happened quite often until he met his mentor and coach to be.

What his mentor said, he won’t forget, after he told him all that he has been through, his mentor asked him. “Whenever you put that stick in your mouth and you’re ready to light it, is it worth it?”

Maybe that’s your less drastic way…every time you’re tempted to do something else, stir off course, ask yourself – “…is it worth it?”

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