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Be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable…

It kinda defeats what we normally aim for…

Origin of the word Comfortable states that the word “comfortable” comes from the Latin words com and fortis which means “to strengthen, to give support, something producing physical at ease.”

A skill can be learned and mastered until it becomes comfortable that it comes automatically. You become unconsciously competent with what you do. A master maybe?

In our world today, you will hear people telling you that you shouldn’t be comfortable or else you get left behind. Familiar saying isn’t it? Yep, you heard it once or twice from someone you know.

But let’s consider this…

Isn’t it that when you became comfortable with something like a skill, a task, an activity, you’ve previously given a lot of effort, a lot of time to hone it, practice to make it perfect and master it until one day…you can do it better than everyone else?

Sometimes we forgot what people have been through to reach where they are right now and we shouldn’t discredit hard work and effort from them. Yes, to some, what they’re doing seems easy for them but don’t forget…they were once students before they became masters.

You know what? Maybe if we change the statement “…being comfortable” to “…staying comfortable“, it will all make sense and we all can agree that times are changing now a days, when you have to run to be able to stand still, staying comfortable means you are no longer growing.

Learn something new, add a new skill to what you currently have, grow, gain experience and stay relevant. Go through the process of being uncomfortable.

Be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable…

It just means you’re a few steps of mastering something new.


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