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More Health Weapons Part 3…

O.W.N.S.E.L.F. – Oxygen, Water, Nutrients, Structure, Exercise, Leverage and Food.

These are the things I always remind myself when planning a healthy lifestyle!

Previously, I wrote about how I maximize Oxygen and Water as part of my routine. Now, lets go ahead and talk about Nutrients and Structure.

When I was growing up, my parents always tell me to eat a lot to get the nutrients that I needed. I was thin and sickly, like my initial post, I love spending my summer days in a hospital…NOT! Well, at least its air-conditioned right?

My parents and your parents are correct, we do get our nutrients from the food we eat. But, now a days…only a portion of those nutrients are present. The soil our fruits and vegetables grow in are no longer that healthy, the meat and fish do have traces of chemicals, probably due to the feeds that was given to them. We literally have to eat at least 10x (or maybe more) of everything just to get the proper nutrients our body needs.

That’s where the vitamins and supplements comes in…

Yes, I know, some would say only 30% is being absorbed by our body and the rest are just expensive urine. Still, I’d take that extra 30% than nothing at all.

As you get healthier, the body starts to adjust absorption, as it heals it absorbs more and more of the nutrients that we give it. Which is why a good dose of Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-oxidants can really help. But just a note, please discuss this first with your doctor. Don’t be afraid to tell or ask them for their suggestions and opinions about what you consider taking.

Speaking about Structure…

Lay down, turn to you right, hug yourself, bend your right foot and your left foot leave it hanging…deep breath, inhale…exhale…crack! Augh!

Lay down, lift your neck, turn your head to the left…inhale…exhale…CRACK! AUGGHH!

Those are just a few common scenarios that I go through with my Chiropractor.

Scary at first due to the cracking sound but, you just feel such relief after. Yes, I believe in Chiropractic treatment, also known as aligning of the spine, manual manipulation, spine adjustment. It’s an audible release of gas that is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 from joint pressure.

It’s a getting the body to its original form. Once the correct form is in place, the muscles will follow. There are massages you might say! Yes, a massage does relieve a discomfort, but only for a short period of time. Muscles tensions are removed but if what it is supporting is misaligned then it’ll just go back to where it began and those same muscle discomfort will be felt over and over again. That’s what happened to my neck and shoulders, every other weekend, I aim to get a massage but surely after a couple of weeks the pain is back.

After my first chiro treatment, I no longer feel the constant tension in my neck. The headache every other day after waking up is gone. That stiffness around the shoulders is starting to fade away, and that’s only with my first treatment! That’s how powerful Chiropractic treatment is.

Give yourself the chance to get a proper structure care. See and feel the difference.

Again, just another note that I am not a professional in the field of medicine, human body and structure, everything I write about are based on my research, testing and experience. You may have your own opinion and questions about some of the topics and I encourage you to question and challenge them. But…lend me your focus and attention first and pick what makes sense. In the end, it’s your body, mind and soul, nobody should control it but you.


Just an update on my BP tracking for the 2nd week – I’m happy to say that I’m averaging about 125/80 already! Wohhooo! Something to celebrate about. 

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