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Believing In Someone’s Belief in You…

“There is greatness in you…” – Les Brown Motivational Speaker

Such powerful words if you really listen to what he says. A long time ago I truly believed it, yet…it dwindled, almost faded.

There comes a time in your life where, I guess, Murphy crashes your party and life kinda hits you at the back. Whatever can happen, will happen! 

Now, this started late 2014 when I tried a different path in my life.

An Entrepreneurial life…

I resigned from my previous company, with the blessing of my boss, giving me additional encouragement and confidence when he said, “I know that’s the path you wanted, why wait just now?” Such a great boss! And so, I started looking for investments, and investments presented themselves. From mushroom farming, poultry (piggery and chicken), to rice supplier and then hardware.

I really felt high back then, I couldn’t forget the feeling of freedom. I was making about 10-15% each month back from my investments. I really thought passive income was there for me forever! So I went all in…

And that’s when Murphy tap me at the back and told me…”Party’s over, dude!”

Everything, I mean everything started to happen…

Mushroom farm was hit by a typhoon, poultry payments got stolen, hardware investments lost all my money, rice supplier dried up all the cash and invested in an MLM and lost. I mean it was a disaster! Worse, is that I invited some of my friends to invest with me.

I had to pay them back. Some people are telling me its business, there are risks, so my friends should understand the loss. But, for me, I’m responsible for their money too, so I promise to pay them back little by little. I had to go back to corporate life, get to tighten my belt and my spending just to get the ends meet.

My confidence was wacked! So low that no inspiration or motivational material can put the pieces back. I lost, I was defeated, I couldn’t face the people I know. I skipped attending party invitations, weddings, get together…I just wanted to stay home and alone. There was this conversation I had with my ex before that kept playing and playing in my mind…she previously said “…all of the seminars, books, programs, coaching you bought…where is it now? Where are the results?” That was about 2 years ago but it felt like it was just yesterday when she said that.

I was on a downward spiral…

But, I kept my promise of paying what I owe back. So corporate life, I’m back!

And there I met someone who helped me bring my confidence back up. Who restored the pieces of who I am before, how great I see myself before, the dreams I built, the possibilities in life, the potential I have, I voice I want to share…everything got healed, every single broken piece got placed back to where it was. The real difference was now, I was stronger than ever! I’m ready to take life by the horns and tell it, this time…I’ll win!

So what was different now?

Oh, I just have someone who believes in me, believes in the greatness in me…honestly, my belief in myself is no where near 100%. But my belief in this someone’s belief in me…


That’s why she’s part of my life now…and she’ll be, forever!

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