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YOU Are NOT Broken…

Even if you think you’re broken I’m here to tell you, “you’re not!”

Despite how messed up, chaotic, unsure, weird, empty you feel…you were never broken!

You just don’t understand it, yet…

The problems, the confusion, the chaos, the mess – those are indication that something has to improve in your life.

Something has to level up…

See, the broken feeling part? It’s a manifestation of something you’re not familiar but familiar with. What do I mean? You’re familiar with it, but you won’t admit it, you can’t because you’re unsure.

I get it, it’s not simple, because life ain’t just plain black and white.

But you know what?

If you break it down into pieces…it becomes a little less confusing, a little less chaotic, more manageable and makes you feel more in control. You can’t just look at the whole picture and come up with a solution to life!

But before you do that…can I be honest with you?

You know what’s the real problem of the majority of the people right now? They think they shouldn’t have them.

So acceptance that the feeling you have right now is normal, will set you free.

Those things will makes you stronger, makes you use your abilities more than ever, they expand you to levels you’ve never knew you can reached before. It will surprise you and make you better person…if, yes if…you look at the problems, the confusion, the chaos and the mess you’re in in another angle. That, it’s part of life…and you were never broken in the first place, it’s that feeling that needs to be broken down into pieces, not you.

So, break it down into manageable bits and pieces. Put a category, a sub-category, a mini sub-category if you have to and focus to resolving one little area at a time.

That’s how you make life…not just life happening to you!


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