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When Life becomes a BIG Question…

There are times when life becomes a big question…

When you can’t help but ask ‘coz there’s just no valid explanation why something happened or what the hell is the reason behind it.

During moments like this, we are so vulnerable that, we’re easily influenced by…our positive or negative state. We can easily be corrupted and can go in a path where it’s a downward spiral or ascent through an awakening and uplifting climb.

That’s the reason why we should be extra careful…

I remember a quote by Robert Schuller when he said, “Tough times never last, but tough people do!”, but isn’t it when the messenger of misery visits, it seems hopeless.

So what do you do during tough times?

I remember a time in my life when it was all dark and everything suddenly came all at once. During those times, my investments crashed, my savings dried up, my business partners took my money and invested it in something and just disappeared, and the worst is, I lost one of the greatest man I have known since my childhood, my hero, my dad!

During that time, I really didn’t know what to do, I got depressed, angry and started getting anxiety attacks, my GERD started again, I was jumpy, quickly irritated with things. I was lost and I kept question why this happen to me, and when I asked a question, answer came…but it wasn’t a good answer! My mind was flooded with negative, ugly thoughts.

So what do we do when times like this happens?

From what I’ve learned, the first thing we should do is to learn to detach yourself from what is current. Remove yourself from the moment so you can think clearly. Take a time off, exercise, immerse yourself with music, with funny movies, read a positive motivational book, learn something new, jog, workout and most importantly…PRAY! You ask help, either from someone professional, your friend, family, or someone you have faith in (like GOD, Yahweh, Buddha or the higher power, etc…)

Remember, you’re asking for help not because you’re weak but, because you want to remain strong.

Start consciously catching yourself when you seem to start going through a negative thought and immediately detach yourself.

Keeping this routine or system helped me think clearly, helped me plan things and helped me recover. It took a while though but, I eventually overcame it.

So wherever you are right now, whatever you are in, whatever challenges, pain, misery or tough times you are experiencing right now…detach yourself for a while and when you’re ready, meet the moment head on.


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