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If you have to…fail elegantly

As one of my coach said before…

If you have to fail, fail elegantly…to fail elegantly is to simply accept failure for what it is: an opportunity to eliminate what doesn’t work and try again. For when you eliminate everything that doesn’t work, you’re left with only those things that do.” – Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

It’s simply true, when failure comes, view it as how sales people see it…”A No is one less step closer to a Yes!”

See it as things you have to eliminate in order to getting it right. In that way, you do not drown yourself in failure, but you immerse yourself to the lessons you learn along the way.

You see, the path towards success isn’t a straight line, it’s only straight if you look at it from way up above. If you zoom in, you’ll see it has curves, it zig and it zag, it’s a mess but you’ll eventually get there if you stick around, do your due diligence and have faith. Look at each curve, each bend as a learning process, that this way ain’t the right way so you have to look for another…and another…and another…and another.

I remember one of the motivational speaker talk about failure. I believe its Tony Robbins or Les Brown, it goes something like this, “If you fall down, stay down for a while. The problem with us people is we want to get up quickly. If we do that, we forget the lessons along the way, we forget why we fall down in the first place.”

So do yourself a favor, if you have to fail, learn from it. If you have to fail..Fail Elegantly!

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