A new half year beginning…

It’s half of the year already and almost none…yep none, of those new years resolution I wrote down is near to completion. Kinda depressing but I know where the problem is, rarely its an outside entity.

The problem is inside of me, the frustration builds up to the point that I am frozen in my tracks. I’m easily persuaded to have the excuse to take quick fixes instead of honoring the struggle. Though on the back of my mind, that small voice is telling me to put the struggle in the right place. Meaning, I should start by making a decision, starting at work, whether this is mine or now, is this what I want or not. Everyday, when I think of work and when I’m close to work, I wanna just drive-by and head home. After I park, I feel like dragging myself up the stairs and inside the room. Sometimes, I feel like crying because of the situation I am in right now.

So I decided to take in some changes, starting with deleting those online games I’m addicted to. Then later, have a 30 min walk or jog with my love, somewhere nice and quiet where we can just take in a new beginning and start dreaming again. Wish me luck!

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